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Certified Trainer

Become a Snom Certified Trainer


Snom Certified Trainers will have assisted at least 1 SCE training, completed the prerequisite training and demonstrated the capability to run classrooms sessions to the standards defined by Snom. Trainers are re-evaluated annually to ensure standards are maintained.

The Training Center will pay all Certified Trainers for approved training as advertised by Snom to our partners. Course attendees pay a general fee for courses they attend.

Snom Certified Trainers can be independent or they can be affiliated with a Snom Training Center.

Certifications are valid for one year. After this, the trainers must attend a refresher course.


Benefits of becoming a Snom Certified Trainer:

  • Acquire credentials and market your certified Snom expertise.
  • Earn money for presenting Snom products.
  • Get in contact with potential customers and projects by teaching the individuals who deal directly with Snom.
  • Reap rewards by adding value for customers and driving profitability.

Become a Snom Certified Trainer


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